Cargo Trailer


The CSA / Compost Bike Trailer project addresses the underutilized potential of the bicycle as a cargo carrying transportation device in the urban landscape of New York City. Implemented in order to meet the local transportation needs of the Ditmas Park CSA and Compost for Brooklyn, the CSA / Compost Bike Trailer ultimately seeks to connect and build relationships between environmentally minded groups and individuals in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Ditmas Park by helping them work together to make our food cycle healthier and more sustainable.

The final iteration of the CSA / Compost Bike Trailer meets the needs of all programmatic elements required by the Ditmas Park community groups involved and ultimately is designed to be reconstructed many times over by groups in other neighborhoods with similar needs. To pursue this goal a detailed set of free construction documents has been made available online and all materials used to make the bike trailer are easily and inexpensively accessible at local hardware stores. It is our hope that the CSA / Compost Bike Trailer will ultimately connect people within the communities it functions within, promoting a healthier food cycle and the bicycle as a viable cargo carrying transportation device in the urban city environment.

This project was created by me (Pavel Mamontov) and Greg Diedrich for urban bicycle class at Parsons.

For full assembly instructions go here.