Brandworkers Dues

This project was started when I've been approached by Brandworkers (a non-profit helping food production workers) to make them an online dues payment system, so their members can be quickly and efficiently sign up for their IU460 organizing project. The requirements were: it has to be simple, easy to maintain, designed mobile first, be able to handle membership data specific to their organization, use Stripe API and be able to run on most servers.

Based on the requirements I've decided to stick with Twitter Bootstrap for the frontend, use vanilla PHP5 without any sort of frameworks as well as Composer to manage the various dependencies and easily update them. The organization needed to record custom membership data and collect dues on recurring montly basis, so using the premade embedded Stripe form was out of the question, therefore I went ahead with creation of a custom form.

You can view the source code on github. The application can be found running in production on